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Although our small group leaders are guiding the RYLA participants throughout the week, we wanted to give you all a space to begin your own conversations about your RYLA Northwest experience. Feel free to leave comments, post emails, and begin a discussion. We would also suggest hosting your own meetings in the evening to discuss what you are learning!  The rest of the small groups are hosting theirs at 5 P.M. PST. 

If you all feel inclined to begin a conversation via video chat, you are encouraged to do so. Otherwise feel free to leave a comment introducing yourself and talk about what you are learning!

There is also an option to message members of RYLA University privately. To do so, make your profile public and follow the person you wish to message. If they follow you back, then you can begin a dialogue. In order to comply with Rotary's strict youth protection policies we request that you all do not follow students or engage with them via private chat.

Thanks for being a part of our RYLA!

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